Part iii maintenance and cleaning – MBT Lighting LEDPAR64PRO (SRL-6057SB) User Manual

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Part III Maintenance and Cleaning

Please refer to the following points during the normal inspection:


: Make certain all screws and fasteners are securely tightened at all times.

Loosened screws may cause unexpected damage or injury.

: Do not use this product if the power cables are damaged.


Make sure that the power cord of the unit is disconnected from the

mains before performing the following operation to avoid shock


3.1 Cleaning

We recommend, if possible, frequent cleaning of the device, which will ensure its long
lifespan and bright light output. While performing the cleaning, please always make sure
that the power cord is disconnected from the mains

and use a moist, lint-free cloth.

Avoid using any alcohol or solvents, as they are harmful to the fixture.

3.2 Replace the fuse
Fuse Holder of the device holds a 1A/250V or 2A/125V fuse and is designed to protect the
electronics in the event of severer power fluctuations. Never defeat this fuse. In case the
fuse is failure, be sure to replace with an exact match one. To perform a replacement,
please use a crosshead screwdriver to remove the fuse holder from its housing. Gently
pull out the bad fuse and discard of it properly and replace with a rated one. In the end,
reassemble it in reverse order.