MBT Lighting LEDPAR64PRO (SRL-6057SB) User Manual

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PART II Installation and Operation (continued)

2.2 AC Power

The fixture’s mains lead may require a grounding-type plug connector that fits your
power distribution cable or outlet. Consult a qualified electrician if you have any doubts
about proper installation.

WARNING: For protection from dangerous electric shock, the fixture must be

grounded (earthed). The AC mains power supply should have overload

and ground-fault protection.

CAUTION: Verify that the feed cables are undamaged and rated for the current

requirements of all connected devices before use


Following the plug connector’s manufacturer's instructions, connect the yellow and green
wire to ground (earth), the brown wire to live, and the blue wire to neutral. The table below
details one type of connection scheme and may not be applicable to your standard.
Consult a trained electrician if you have questions.

Wire Pin







Yellow or brass

Blue Neutral "N” Silver

Yellow or green



2.3 Understanding DMX

A. About DMX
DMX is the abbreviation of Digital Multiplex. It’s universal protocol lighting and controller
manufactures as a communication between fixtures and controllers. A DMX controller
sends out DMX instructions that travel through the DMX chain as a serial data to the
fixtures via XLR cables.
DMX is a "common language" allowing all modules of different manufactures to be linked
together and operate from a single controller, as long as all modules and the controller are
DMX compatible.

B. DMX Cable Requirements


Your fixture, LEDPAR64PRO uses 3-pin XLR cable as its connection media.

C. Connection of DMX
Connect DMX XLR cable to the female 3-pin XLR output of your controller and the other
side to the male 3-pin XLR input of the fixture (please refer to the figure below). You must
chain multiple fixtures together through serial linking, never split your DMX connections
unless you are using our splitter/signal amplifier such as SRL-144.