MBT Lighting LEDPAR64PRO (SRL-6057SB) User Manual

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PART III Maintenance and Cleaning (continued)

3.3 Troubleshooting




Fixtures do not


No power supply

Check the mains power switch and the cables.

Fuse burned

Disconnect the power and replace the fuse with

the same specification. If the fuse is burned

again, the problem should be cause by the

circuit. Please consult the local service agency.

The reset is normal.
But the fixtures do not
responds or act
abnormally via
controller or Master

data errors

Check the data bus. Ensure the signal input of
the first fixture and the output of the controller to
be connected.

Wrong DMX address

Check and unify the address setting. (Note:
when linked to the DMX controller, no fixtures
are set as master.)

The signal port of one
lamp has failures.

Pull out the signal output and input of one
fixture. Then connect both directly. If it works
well, this fixture is proved to be the failed one.
Handle the rest fixtures alike to check which
fixture has problems. If any problem, please
consult the local service agency.