Cautions, Controls and functions – MBT Lighting CX1616 User Manual

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In places subject to excessive vibration or bumps


In area with a temperature over 45




F or less than 2






1. There are no user serviceable parts inside this unit.
2. Do not attempt any repairs yourself; doing so will void your manufactures


3. In the unlikely event your unit may require service please contact your nearest



Front Panel:

1. Channel LED’s –

These 16 LED’s display the current intensity of each channel.

2. Channel Sliders –

These 16 serve two functions: 1) They function as channel dimmers. 2) They

activate the programmed assigned to it’s respective channel.

3. Flash Buttons –

These 16 buttons serve two functions: 1) In program mode these buttons are
used to record it’s respective channel into a program. 2) In manual mode these
button are used to turn on a channel to full intensity..

4. Pattern LED –

These 16 LEDs indicate channel activity for their respective channel buttons.

5. Pattern Button –

The 16 pattern buttons activate the user programmed scenes or chase patterns.
You may program a static scene or a chase into each one of these 16 pattern

6. Built-in Pattern LEDs –

These green LEDs indicate activity of the respective pattern button.

7. Built-in Pattern Buttons –

These buttons activate the built in program associated with any of the eight
program buttons.

8. Add Button –

These three add buttons are used to activate the “ADD” function for any of the
pattern buttons located in the same row. For example, button “ADD 1” is used
in conjunction with pattern buttons 1-8, button “ADD 2” is used in
conjunction with pattern buttons 9-16, button “ADD 3” is used in conjunction
with built-in pattern buttons 1-8, “ADD” function activity will be indicated by
a red LED located directly above each add button.

9. LCD Display –

This high quality 3-digit LCD display is viewable from a variety of
comfortable angles. This display will indicate all the current relative controller
activity i.e., values for dimmer and chase speed, MIDI receive value, stand-by
mode, etc..

10. Glide Button –

This button will activate the glide (fade) function for a running chase pattern.
Tapping this button will activate and deactivate the Glide Function.

11. Program Button –

This button is used to activate program mode.

12. Go Button –

This button will serve three functions:


When used in conjunction with the fade, this button will lock the
slider fade level.