MBT Lighting CX1616 User Manual

Page 8

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You may take out as many channels from a scene or chase patterns as you
would like. Please note, after you remove a channel from a chase or scene, the
channel’s fader level LED will continue to remain lit for a scene, or continue
to flash for a chase pattern. This is normal and serves as a reminder that
channel is programmed into your scene or chase . Be sure that although the
channel LED is on, the channel is not producing any output.

To add a Kill:
Step 1:
Press the Kill Button to activate the Kill Mode; a yellow LED will begin to
glow indicating Kill Mode has been activated.

Step 2:
Press the Flash Buttons for the channels you wish to remove from the chase

Step 3:
The channels you selected will now discontinue output. To return to normal
operation, tap the Kill Button once again.

Add Function

This function allows you to turn on more than one chase pattern on the same
bank. Without this function you may turn on more than one chase pattern as
long as they are in different banks. In order to run more than one chase pattern
from the same bank you must activate the Add Function:

Step 1:
From any operating mode press the Add Button (ADD 1, ADD 2, or ADD 3),
it corresponds to a chase pattern bank that stores the chase pattern you wish to

Step 2:
Once you have pressed the ADD Button that correspond with chase pattern
you wish to activate you will notice the ADD Button’s red LED will begin to
glow indicating you may now make a chase pattern selection. At this point
make your selection.

Step 3:
To discontinue an individual chase be sure the ADD Button is activate and
deselect the chase pattern you wish to deactivate. You may also press the
Blackout Button to discontinue all chase functions.

For example: If you are running chase pattern 1 and wish to activate chase
pattern 2 at the same the time, you must first press the ADD 1 Button. This
will then allow you to activate chase pattern 2.

Operating Under General MIDI

This mode will allow you to control your controller through a MIDI sequencer
or MIDI controller such as keyboard or drum machine.

Setting In and Out MIDI Channels:
In order to run your controller from a MIDI device you must set the In and Out
MIDI channels, much the same as a DMX dimmer pack and DMX controller
have to be set to the same DMX address to communicate with each other. This
next section will describe how to set and change the MIDI setting.

Step 1:
Turn off the main power to the unit.

Step 2:
With the main power disconnected, press and hold down Built-in Pattern
Buttons 5,6,7, and 8 all at the same time.

Step 3:
While holding down the pattern button described in step 2, turn on the units
main power. Pattern button LEDs 1,2,3, and 4 will begin to flash and “SET”
will appear in the LCD display indicating that you have entered the MIDI
set-up menu.

Step 4:
While Pattern Button 1,2,3, and 4 are flashing you can press 1 to change the