MBT Lighting CX1616 User Manual

Page 7

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Step 2:

Press the Chase Pattern Button that stores the chase
pattern you wish to activate. The chase pattern
button’s LED will come on indicating the pattern
being activated.

Step 3:

Move the Speed Slider level to its minimum level..

Step 4:
You may now use the audio slider to adjust the
music sensitivity. The music sensitivity will
automatically control either the internal microphone
or an audio input signal connect to the rear of controller.

Running a Chase Pattern with the Tap Sync:

This mode will allow you to run your patterns to your
determined speed rate. In this mode you manually
enter a speed rate by tapping on the Tap Sync
Button. You can use this function to create a constant
rate to the beat of the music by tapping the Tap Sync to

the beat.

Step 1:
Be sure the Audio, Speed, and Fade Time Sliders are
set to lowest levels.

Step 2:
Select your desire chase patterns.

Step 3:
Tap the Tap Sync Button at a regular rate. You will
notice that the chase pattern will begin to advance at
the same rate you were tapping. You will also notice
that the Tap Sync LED will flash at the same rate you
are tapping on the Tap Sync Button.

Step 4:
You can override this setting at any time by selecting the “Audio Function”.
You may also clear this setting by raising the Speed Slider to it’s maximum

Running a Chase Pattern Using the Glide Function

This mode will allow you to run your patterns to a preset fade time. This gives
the effect of one scene fading in to the next. This function is used in
conjunction with any of the other three operating modes.

Step 1:
While in any of the other operating modes, press the Glide
Button. The Glide LED will begin to glow indicating
the glide function has been activated.

Step 2:

With the glide function activated press the Chase Pattern

Button that stores the chase you wish to run in glide
mode. If the chase is already running you must deselect
it and then reselect it in order for the glide function to be

Step 3:

To discontinue the glide effect, deselect the Glide

Button and deselect the Chase Pattern that is running,
or press the Blackout Button.

Kill Function

This function allows you to remove specific channels from a chase or scene.