MBT Lighting CX1616 User Manual

Page 9

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IN channel and 2 to change the OUT channel.

Step 5:
To change the channel, press either Pattern Buttons 1 or 2 depending on which
you would like to change (see step 4).

Step 6:
Once you have pressed the Pattern Button that corresponds with setting you
wish change you will notice that a Channel LED comes on, this indicates the
current value, Channel 1 LED for Address 1, Channel 2 LED for Address 2,
Channel 3 LED for Address 3 and so on. To change the setting press the Flash
Button that corresponds with the address you wish to apply. Obviously,
address can only be set from 1-16. Once you have made your changes press
the Blackout Button to record your setting.

Step 7:
Once you have made your necessary changes press the Blackout Button to exit
this function and return to normal operations.

MIDI Conversion Translations

The following chart details the function per a MIDI note. The velocity that a
note is struck will translate into the light output intensity.
Note Number Velocity Function
22-37 Turns Patterns 1-16 On & Off
38-45 Turns Built In Patterns 1-8 On & Off
46-61 Turns Fader Channel 1-16 On & Off
62-64 Turns the ADD Function On & Off
65 Channel Intensity DARK
66 (Light Output) FULL ON
67 Enables Manual Mode
68 Activates Glide Function
69 Turns Audio on Function On & Off
70 Advances a Scene in Manual Mode

LCD Display Value Shift

This function changes the LCD values from percentage to DMX value. 0~100

will equal percentage and 000~255 will equal DMX value. To change the way
the LCD displays the value.

Step 1:
Shut down the main power and press and hold down built-in pattern buttons 5,
6, 7, and 8.

Step 2:
While holding down the pattern button, turn the main power back on. This will
enter the set-up mode.

Step 3:
You will notice that Pattern Button LEDs 1, 2, 3, and 4 have turn on. Press
Button 3 for percentage or 4 for DMX values.
Step 4:
When you have made your selection press the Blackout Button twice to lock
this setting into memory and return to normal operation.

Remote Control

On the rear of the unit there is a connection for a remote control, this remote is
a wired foot switch. This remote has been designed with a band in mind. The
remote allows you hand-off control over two of the key function of the
controller Full On and Stand By (Blackout).

Full On: This function will bring all the slider channels to full output.

Stand By: This function will shut down all slider channel output. During stand
by mode the chase patterns will continue to run in the background. Full On
function will override the controller when it is in stand by mode.

Initializing to Default Setting

This function will erase all your preset programs and scenes. The built-in
chase patterns will not be affected. Caution! This function is irreversible and
the chase patterns cannot be recovered once the memory is erased.
To erase
the controller memory: