MBT Lighting CX1616 User Manual

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This button can also be used to lock the light intensity levels. When
you do not want the intensity levels changes in a scene or chase
pattern, pressing this button will lock your setting.


When held down for more than one second this button will bypass
the Fade Time setting.

Tapping the Blackout button will exit the GO function.
13. Manual Button –

This function will provide real time operation of the channel slider levels,
allowing you individual control over every channel slider. This function can be
combined with other function. A green LED above the manual button will
indicate manual operation. To exit the Manual Function tap either the Manual
or Blackout Buttons.

14. Audio Button –

This button will activate audio mode, which will sync a chase operation with
the beat of an audio source.

15. Tap Sync Button –

This button is used to manually establish a chase rate. The chase rate will
synchronize to rate you tap on the Tap Sync Button, tap the button twice a
second and the chase will advance two steps every second. Setting the Tap
Sync will override any previous chase rate settings.

16. Step Button –

This button gives you manual control over any running chase. Pressing this
button will advance the chase pattern one step. This function will work in
conjunction with the audio and tap sync functions, so be sure to lower the
audio sensitivity and turn off the tap sync function to have full control over the
chase patterns. This will also activate the lock function when combined with

17. Dark Button –

This button provides a temporary black out function. When you hold down this
button all channel output will cease, until the button is released. Please note
that any chase running will continue to run in the background, so a chase may
not be at the same step as it was when the DARK button was initially pressed.

18. Full On Button –

Holding this button down will momentarily bring all 16 channels to full output.
This function will only work as long as the button is held down. This function
will function under any operating mode.

19. Blackout Button –

This button functions as a blackout and is also used to clear any current
operating mode. Holding this button down for over a second will bypass the
fade function. This will also activate the lock function when combined with

20. Audio Level Slider –

This button controls the amount of audio sensitivity a chase will react to when
the “Audio” function is selected.

21. Speed Slider –

This slider controls the speed a chase will advance from step to step.

22. Fade Time Slider –

This slider adjusts the initial fade time for the different operating modes. Fade
time will increase as the slider is position from 10 to 0, 0 giving the maximum
possible fade time.

23. Master Slider –

This slider controls total output.

24. Kill Button –

This button kills program mode or manual mode.

25. Fog Machine Button –

The button controls fog machine.

Rear Panel:


Transmit MIDI data received on the MIDI IN connector.

27. MIDI OUT –

This connector is to send incoming MIDI data.

28. MIDI IN –