MBT Lighting ST7500DMX User Manual

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The unit should be mounted via its screw holes on the bracket. Always ensure
that the unit is firmly fixed to avoid vibration and slipping while operating. Make
sure that the bracer can support the weight more than 10 times of the unit. And
use safety chain which can hold over 12 times weight of the unit when you fix the
The equipment must be fixed by professionals. And it must be fixed at a place
where is out of the touch of human and has no one pass by or sit down.

3. Technical Specifications



Power AC



Circuit breaker 15A


307 x 147.5 x 116 mm

Weight 2.7


4. General Functions

1. POWER INPUT: AC 120V-60Hz
2. FUSE: 15A
3. DMX IN: XLR male socket, use to receive DMX signals.
4. DMX OUT: XLR female socket, use to transmit DMX signals.


5. Remote controller input: By connecting to the 1/4 “microphone jack to control

the unit for Stand by, Function and Mode.

6. DMX DIP SWITCH: Dip switch 1-9 are used to set DMX address of the unit.

Assign dip switch 1 ON, this unit is in master mode, assign dip switch 1 and 10
ON at the same time to adjust dimmer and strobe speed.

7. DIMMER: This knob used to adjust brightness of the units.
8. SPEED: This knob used to adjust the speed of Strobe.

5. How To Change The Lamp

• Always switch off the main supply and never handle the lamp or luminaire when it

is hot.

• Do not touch the bulb with bare hands. If this does happen, clean the lamp with

denatured alcohol and wipe with a lint free cloth before installing.

• Remember always replace the lamp with the same type lamp.

1. Loose the screws on the
metal base at bottom.

2. Open the glass base-cover.

3. Loose the screws of the lamp
wire from terminator.