MBT Lighting ST7500DMX User Manual

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6. How To Control the Unit

You can operate the unit in three ways:

A. By Master/slave Built-in Preprogrammed Function

By linking the units in master/slave connection, the first unit will control the other
units to give an automatic light show. You will know which unit is the master
because its DMX input jack will have nothing plugged into it. The other units
(slaves) will have DMX cables plugged into the DMX input jacks (daisy chain).
You can set the units in below two ways:
1. Synchronized show: set the first unit(master)

dipswitch 1 and 10 to be ON at the same time, so
you can adjust the dimmer and strobe speed, and
all the other (slave) units will run as same as the
first (master) unit.

2. 4-Light show: set the dipswitch as the diagram,

the first (master) unit will run the built-in programmer and control the other
(slave) units for 4-light show.

5. Connect the lamp wire to
the terminator.

6. Reverse the procedures
from step 2 to step 1.

4. Take out the old lamp and
replace the new one to the


Chase pattern in 4-light show mode:

Pattern 1

1234 Full on

Pattern 2

1-2-3-4 ― 4-3-2-1

Pattern 3


Pattern 4

12-34 ― 23-14

Pattern 5

1-12-123-1234-123-12-1-stop ― 4-43-432-4321-432-43-4-stop

Pattern 6


B. By Easy Controller

The easy remote control is used only in master/slave mode. By connecting to the 1/4”

microphone jack of the first unit, you will find that the remote control on

the first unit will control all the other units for Stand by, Function and



: stand by and blackout all the unit.



• Under Audio status ( LED light off ), hold on the button, all the units

will strobe quickly.

• Under Manual status ( LED light on ), press the button for choosing next

pattern, triggered by music.

• Under Auto status ( LED light blinking ), press the button briefly to choose the patterns ( 6

patterns varied with different speeds: fast, normal, or slow ). Hold on the button to choose

the 6 patterns varied with 3 different brightness.



• AUDIO status ( LED light off ): All patterns triggered by music.

• MANUAL status ( LED light on ): Press button Function to choose the next pattern

triggered by music.

• AUTO status ( LED light blinking ): Press button Function briefly for speed selection; hold

on the Function button for brightness selection.

C. By universal DMX controller

If you use a universal DMX controller to control the units, you have to set dip switches from 1

to 9 of the channel so that all the units will receive its DMX signal. Please refer to the

following diagram to know how to address your DMX512 system in the binary code.