Innovation , quality , performance – MBT Lighting ST7500DMX User Manual

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9. Troubleshooting

• If the unit is not functioning well – check main power supply is ‘on’ and check


• If the unit is functioning but lamp does not light - may require replacing lamp.
• If the unit is not moving to the music, check the sound-activation adjustment

(when applicable)

• After trying these solutions, you still have a problem, contact your dealer for

technical assistance.

• The unit has built-in thermal switch. The lamp will not work when the internal

temperature is above 80℃, and the lamp will work again when the internal
temperature is cool down.


• Do not obstruct the air vents.
• Do not touch the unit while it’s hot.
• No user serviceable parts inside, please refer to the nearest authorized technical

assistance office for service

10. Fixture Cleaning

The cleaning of internal and external optical lenses and/or mirrors must be

carried out periodically to optimize light output. Cleaning frequency depends on the
environment in which the fixture operates: damp, smoky or particularly dirty
surrounding can cause greater accumulation of dirt on the unit’s optics.

Clean with soft cloth using normal glass cleaning fluid.


Always dry the parts carefully.


Clean the external optics at least every 20 days. Clean the internal optics at least

every 30/60 days.


Innovation , Quality , Performance