Introduction – BendixKing KAP 140 User Manual

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The KAP 140 Autopilot System is a
rate based digital autopilot system
offering smooth performance and
enhanced features found only in
more expensive autopilots. The first
of its type developed by Honeywell,
this system brings digital technology
and reliability into the light aircraft

It is also significant that the KAP 140
series autopilots have been
designed from their inception to
interface with the Silver Crown pack-
age of products. Consider the
advantage of having your avionics
working together as an integrated
system rather than as a group of
components built by several manu-

Your new KAP 140 roll axis features
include wing leveler, heading select,
and VOR/LOC intercept and track-
ing. The KAP 140 can also be cou-
pled to GPS and RNAV receivers as
well. Roll rate information is derived
from the turn coordinator. Pitch axis
features include vertical speed,
glideslope and altitude hold along
with the optional altitude preselect.
Pitch information is derived from a
pressure sensor and accelerometer.
The KAP 140 Autopilot System oper-
ates independent of the aircraft’s
artificial horizon. Therefore, the
autopilot retains roll stabilization and
all vertical modes in the event of vac-
uum system failure.

Internal monitors keep constant track
of the KAP 140’s status and provide
for automatic shutdown of the
autopilot or trim system in the event
of a malfunction. In addition to relia-
bility, the KAP 140 is designed to be
easily maintained in the field.
Qualified Honeywell Service Centers
are located around the world to pro-
vide assistance whenever neces-

To fully realize the capability of your
new panel mount digital autopilot
system, you must understand the
performance capabilities and basic
operational requirements of the sys-
tem. This pilot’s guide provides
information to aid in this and is
divided up into six sections. The first
section provides general familiariza-
tion of each autopilot system includ-
ing the associated panel mounted
displays. The second section
describes the KAP 140 Single Axis
Autopilot System. The third section
describes the KAP 140 Two Axis
Autopilot System. The fourth section
describes the KAP 140 Two
Axis/Altitude Preselect Autopilot
System. The fifth section describes
the optional KCS 55A slaved com-
pass system. The Sixth section
describes abnormal procedures.