Kmt 112 magnetic slavingtransmitter, Kg 102a directional gyro, Operating instructions – BendixKing KAP 140 User Manual

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KCS 55A Compass System


Rev. 0

KMT 112 Magnetic Slaving

This unit senses the direction of

the earth’s magnetic field and contin-
uously transmits this information
through the slaving circuitry to the
directional gyro which is automati-
cally corrected for precession or
“drift”. This sensor is mounted
remotely – usually in a wingtip – to
eliminate the possibility of magnetic

KG 102A Directional Gyro

The directional gyro provides

gyro stabilization for the system and
contains the slaving circuitry neces-
sary for operation of the system.
Power may be for either 14 or 28
volts DC. This sensor is also remote

Operating Instructions

1. Until power is applied to the

KCS 55A System, and the direc-
tional gyro is up to speed, a red
flag labeled “HDG” will be visible
in the upper right quadrant of the
KI 525A Indicator. In operation,
this warning flag will be visible
whenever the power being sup-
plied is inadequate or the gyro is
not up to speed.

2. With the application of power to

the KCS 55A System, and gyro up
to operating speed, the red “HDG”
flag should disappear from view.

3. If the KCS 55A System is in the

slaved gyro mode, the compass
card will automatically fast slave at
the rate of 180 degrees per minute
toward the aircraft’s magnetic
heading. (Immediately after apply-
ing power, this compass card
movement should be quite visi-
ble.) It will continue to fast slave
until the proper magnetic heading
is indicated, after which it will
slave at a constant rate of three
degrees per minute to keep the
system aligned with the earth’s
magnetic field.

KMT 112 Magnetic Slaving





KG 102A Directional Gyro