6rear axle and brake 90 – Cub Cadet 7532 User Manual

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Rear Axle and Brake


5 Assembly of Rear Axle Assembly

1. Assembly of Brake

1) Assemble the brake disc to the axle case.

2) Assemble the differential shaft.

3) Operate the brake lever to confirm the cam plate is functioning.

Reference) Wet type disc brake may make brake noise depending on the type of gear oil. Supply
genuine oil or the transmission oil.

2. Apply liquid packing (Threebond #1208D) to the matching face of rear axle case and assemble.

6 Assembly of Differential Lock Pedal

1. Adjustment of Differential Lock Pedal (HST Specification)

1) Press "J" at the differential lock pedal.

2) Turn the rod and touch "B" to the center case.

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