Introduction 1 11 – Cub Cadet 7532 User Manual

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• Use the booster cable resistant to the large electric current.

• The capacity of the battery for starting vehicle and battery down must be the same. Connect the battery for the

vehicle and battery down in parallel.

• Before connecting the booster cable, turn off all the switch type electric circuits. This will reduce the danger of

generation of sparks.

Make sure to follow the below procedures for connecting the booster cable.

• First, the terminal positive of battery down, then the terminal positive of starting vehicle.

• The terminal negative of battery down, then the earth point (engine lifting bracket, etc.) at over 300 mm away

from the battery terminal for the starting vehicle.

Before disconnecting the booster cable, make sure to decelerate the engine speed to the idling speed.

Disconnect the booster cable in the reverse order of the connecting procedure and take caution not to short-circuit the
both sides of the cable.

Parts Cleaning

In order to prevent the intrusion of foreign matters, remove the accumulated dust and grease before removing or
disconnecting any parts or assemblies.

Clean the removed parts before inspection and reassembly.

Cleaning procedure

• Dry cleaning

• Remove the dust with soft brush or wire brush.

• Scrape the dust with metal piece or wood piece.

• Wipe with waste cloth.


Battery runs out because of short-circuit of the electric circuit. Therefore, when the battery is
dead, there exist circuits with running electricity even with all the normal electric circuits off. If
connecting the booster cable in such condition, the electric arc will generate.

Using a booster cable is the only way to start up the vehicle with battery down; however, it is not
recommended. The consumed battery may not be reusable if not charged immediately after
starting with the booster.


Take cautions for the cable terminals not to contact with each other and with body earth of the
vehicle while the booster cable is connected to the battery. If short-circuiting the fully charged
battery with the booster cable, the electric current of over 1,000 ampere will be discharged, and
the intense electric arc and sudden temperature increase of the booster cable and battery
terminal will occur, which may cause a battery explosion.

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