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Cautionary Items at Operation



Cautionary Items at Operation


Cautionary Items at Operation

Disassembly and Removal

1. Use the corresponding tools and equipment. Use the specialized tools as specified, if required.

2. Provide the working bench and organizing table, etc for disassembled parts as required and disassemble

according to the disassembling procedure.

3. Arrange the disassembled parts in good order to prevent the loss of parts.

Organize each part in a clean place and take caution not to mix. Especially bolt and nut can be prevented their
loss by mounting them in the original position.

4. Take caution for adherence or entry of the refuse or chips when disassembling the hydraulic equipment.

5. When disassembling the parts of hydraulic equipment, disconnect the battery negative cable beforehand.

6. Take caution for matching mark at disassembly and mark them if missing, accordingly.

7. Pay attention to the existence of unusualness at disassembly or washing and do not miss the unusualness which

cannot be found after disassembly or washing.

8. Take caution for safety, especially for the balance of disassembled equipment or transfer of heavy equipment.

(Use the jack or chain block as required.)

Reassembly and Installation

1. When washing the parts, use the general cleaning agent for industrial parts. Do not use the gas oil for

ecological reason. Also, wash the hydraulic parts with specified operating oil.

2. When inspecting the parts, inspect after removing the oil or dirt.

3. When replacing the parts, make sure to use the genuine parts to maintain the performance of the vehicle and for


4. Make sure to change with new packing and O-ring at installation. Also, slightly apply grease to the O-ring and

oil seal, etc. before installation.

5. Use Threebond #1208D for liquid packing.

• When using the liquid packing, remove the old packing completely and apply the packing to the connecting

face evenly without any gaps to the height of 1 to 2mm. Apply the packing in the center of flange between the
boltholes and inner face for the bolt hole.

• Assemble within 10 minutes after application and lubricate the oil, etc. 30 minutes after assembly.


Make sure to place the vehicle in level place, brake the parking brake, and stop the engine
before staring disassembling or reassembling.

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