Settingupthefaytechtouchsoftware – faytech 26" Vandal Non-Touch Monitor User Manual

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If you plan to use multiple monitors,
please choose this box. (See “Setting up
the faytech Touch software”.)

8."Choose Destination Location":
Accept the default destination or choose
your own then press "Next".

9. "Select Program Folder": Give the
program a name or use the default
setting and press "Next".

10."Setup Status":

The installation will be started
automatically with the selected settings.

11.The installation is successfully
completed when the following window

If the USB controller icon is not showing,
please disconnect the USB cable from
your PC and connect it again. For more
help, Please go to the
Troubleshooting” section.


Start the administration program by
going to “Start - Programs -TouchKit –
Configure Utility”. (If you accepted all
the defaults the program may be at
“Start – Programs – Accessories –
Touchkit – Configure Utility”.) Or you
can find this program in the system tray
section of your task bar.

General tab

Gives information on whether one or
more touch controllers are found and

After the initial installation, if no touch
controller shows up on this tab, please
pull out the USB connector on your PC
and connect the device again.

Setting tab

When you touch the touch panel there is
a beep if you select the first checkbox.
You can change the frequency and
duration of the beep. The changes will
be saved after you click on "OK".

Under linearization, you can choose the
number of linearization points under the
Tools - linearization setting. On a
25-point linearization the deviation of a
touched point will be less than on a
9-point linearization. In general, the
faytech displays have been set correctly
and should not be linearized.

Double Click Time. You can set how fast
you need to click on the same object to
make a double click. If you choose
Shorter <<, then you need to tap faster.
If you choose >> Longer, then you can
tap the screen more slowly..