Troubleshooting, Physicalsetup, Startup – faytech 26" Vandal Non-Touch Monitor User Manual

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On the context menu, if you select the
option Display Button, you will see a
mouse animation displayed in the lower
right half of the screen. The red mark
indicates which mouse button will be
simulated the next time you touch the
screen. By clicking on the left or right
pointer of the animation you change the
behavior of the touch panel accordingly.


If you are having trouble getting your
touch monitor to work correctly, please
look through this list of common


 Cable connections. Care should be
taken when connecting the cables.
Make sure the cables are connected to
the right connectors at each end and
make sure the cables are attached firmly
to their respective connectors. Lack of
an image or poor quality images are
often caused by the wrong connection.
Turn off the display and check each pin
of the cable separately. If you think you
have a defective cable, we are happy to
exchange it for you - you do not have to
send the display back.
 Avoid short circuits! Please be careful
before connecting power to the display
that there are no cables that have not
yet been connected at both ends. If the
monitor does not power up, try another
outlet or another power source.
 Provide the display with a 12V DC
power supply only. Higher or lower
voltage can permanently damage the

display and is not covered under
warranty. Also take care that you do not
mix polarity (+ is on the inner pole!).


Please note: When you press the Power
button, the display will look for the right
VGA-signal in order to receive a picture.
If there is no signal source connected,
the display will go off automatically after
a short period of time.

Display remains black

 Connection error: Please check again
to make sure that all cables are properly
 Resolution / activation errors: Using
the right resolution and activating the
display is a common problem that is
often not the fault of the display itself.
The monitor supports the resolutions
given in the technical data. Sometimes
during simultaneous operation of two
displays on a PC or the connection of an
additional display to a notebook
complications can arise.

Usually these

problems need to be resolved in the
hardware and software of the PC. It is
always best to use the display initially as
a single display with the original panel
resolution (see technical specification).
Try to start with this resolution then
experiment with other resolutions and
other combinations of displays to see
which work best for you.
 Please note that extended desktops
often are black in the beginning. In this
situation your display may be black at
first if you configure it as an extended