faytech 26" Vandal Non-Touch Monitor User Manual

Page 16

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screen will be shown in the Linearity
curve window.

The Draw Test function is used for
accuracy and performance checking.
Press this button and a new pop up
window will be popped up on the
monitor . Touch or drag your touch pen
or finger on this grid to gauge the
effectiveness of the settings and
calibrations that you have made. If you
are using your finger, you may have to
press firmly to draw continuous lines.
Press the Clear button to clear the
window. Press the Quit button to
terminate this draw test.

Display-Multi-Monitor Setting tab:

If you selected “Support Multi-Monitor
System” when you installed the Touch
driver, you will see a Display tab when
you run the Touchkit Configure utility. If
you did not select this option, you will
not see a Display tab.

You can have up to four faytech
touch-screens connected simultaneously.
You can also use a (non-touch) display
and a touch screen. In the example
below, the touch-screen is display "1",
while the second display "2" is a normal
monitor. Both have the same resolution,
but the touch screen is the primary

Enable multiple-monitors: When this
function is disabled, the touch screen
will be mapped to the primary monitor
automatically. When this function is
enabled, you can double click on the
monitor area in the monitor geometry
window to assign the monitor area
where the touch screen will be mapped.
Double-tap on the desired monitor and
answer the question in the pop-up
window with Yes.

After confirmation, your touches on the
selected touch monitor will be simulated
as mouse clicks.