Generalwarning, Trouble-shooting, Ongoingchanges – faytech 26" Vandal Non-Touch Monitor User Manual

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 Any warranty claim must be
accompanied by proof of purchase
(receipt or invoice).


Avoid all contact with dirt, oil, dust or
water. Never open the unit. Do not drop
the unit. If you notice a burning smell or
hear the device making unusual sounds,
please disconnect it immediately from
the power source. To clean the unit,
please turn off the device first, then
clean it very gently with a dry, soft cloth.
For your own safety, please do not use
the device during driving.


Please follow all instructions carefully.
At the end of this guide there is an
overview of possible connection or
other types of operation errors.


faytech produces its displays in China
with German know-how and quality
management. Your feedback is the most
valuable information for the
improvement of our products.
Continuous production and product
improvement is our primary goal. For
this reason, there may be improvements
in our products which are not yet
included in this user's guide. Differences
between your product and this user's
guide are generally related to
specification changes and product

improvements. If you have any
questions or suggestions, please contact
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