faytech 26" Vandal Non-Touch Monitor User Manual

Page 17

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If the function "The touch sensor is
automatically connected to the main
is activated, the program
automatically puts the touch function on
the primary monitor, if only one monitor
is connected.

The Operation mode settings allow you
to set the size of the touch area on your
faytech touch-screen. E.g. if you select
the "right screen“, after a new
calibration only the right side of the
monitor will work as a touch area. If you
select "other" and then click on the ->>
button, you can set more modes or set
an individually touch-defined area.

Edge Compensation tab: fine adjustment
of the touch area

On this tab you can finely adjust the
touch area. This is very useful when you
have problems touching at the edges of
the touch screen. In the following image
you can see that the limits for all edges
of the screen were corrected (to 110%).

E.g. if you have problems in the upper
right area, just increase the upper and
right limit (>> Bigger ). Confirm the
change and try the new settings with
the Draw Test. You can also use the
X-axis and Y-axis displacement options
to compensate if your touch always
seems to be off the same amount in the
X and/or Y directions.

The "Support Edge Compensation"
option optimizes the touch detection in
the corners of your faytech touch panels.
This option should always be enabled.

Hardware and About tabs:

The last two tabs are for information
only - there are no options to select on
these tabs.

The Hardware tab gives information
about the design of the faytech touch
display and the firmware used.

The About tab gives information about
the touch driver version as well as
information about the developer of the

Touchkit program in the taskbar

With the Touch Kit icon in the taskbar,
you can use a right mouse click to make
quick changes in many of the Touch Kit
settings. The individual functions have
already been described in this chapter.