faytech 26" Vandal Non-Touch Monitor User Manual

Page 15

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Enable Cursor Stablization: A software
filter exists inside the driver to filter
some noise to stabilize and smooth the
touch points. When activated, the user
will experience a more stable cursor.

You can adjust the parameter for the
Constant Touch Area function. This is a
criterion to judge if the most recent
touched point is the same as the
previously touched point. If the
difference between the two points is
within this area, it will be recognized as
the same touch point and the driver
does not generate a new mouse event
for this touch point.

You can adjust the Auto Right Click Time
function. If the touch screen is touched
and held for this period of time, the
driver generates a right mouse click.

Tools tab:

You can adjust the faytech touch panel
calibration with the functions called 4
Points Calibration, Clear and Calibrate,
Linearization and Draw Test.
Start by

performing the 4 points calibration. By
using the application drawing test, you
can test the touch panel to determine if
further setting changes are desirable.

When you press the 4 Points Calibration
button, the surface of the monitor
shows the following image:

Press blinking X symbol until stop
blinking Touch and hold each of the
blinking X symbols in the calibration
window until it stops blinking to make
sure that the utility can gather enough
data for computation. In addition, a
progress bar is shown at the bottom of
the window to indicate time elapsed. If
the touch screen is not touched before
the progress bar gets to the far right,
the calibration task will be terminated

The Clear and Calibrate button will clear
all calibration and linearization settings.
It will then automatically take you
through a 4 Points Calibration.

The Linearization ( 25 or 9 points
calibration ) function is used to
compensate the touch screen linearity.
It will require you to press and hold on 9
or 25 targets on the screen so it can
compensate for the curvature (if any) of
the display. After linearization is
completed, the linearity of the touch