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6.2.1 Example of highly adhesive powder

Powder with a high static charge or which is strongly adhesive should be

fed through position B on the LABORETTE 27. (See Ä Chapter 6.3

‘Dividing suspensions and highly adhesive materials’ on page 21!)

6.3 Dividing suspensions and highly adhesive materials


Remove the lid and place the funnel in position B (for eccentric divi-

sion). (See Ä Chapter 6.2 ‘Dividing solid materials’ on page 20)


Switch the rotary cone sample divider on.
(Final rotational speed of 100 rpm after approx. 10 seconds)


Feed the powder slowly and evenly into the funnel.


Dispense the suspension sample through a separating funnel, for

example, or feed it slowly and evenly by hand from a vessel.

Using the device

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