Exclusion of liability – FRITSCH LABORETTE 27 User Manual

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Fritsch GmbH excludes any liability, warranty, or other obligation to com-

pensate for damages, regardless of whether this liability, warranty, or

other obligation is explicit or implicit, contractual or arising from

unlawful acts or prescribed contractually, by law, or otherwise. In no

event shall the buyer be entitled to any compensation from Fritsch

GmbH for any special, direct, indirect, coincidental or consequential

damage, including but not limited to lost profits, lost savings, lost sales

or financial loss of any kind or for compensation of third parties, for

downtimes, for lost goodwill, for damage to or replacement of equip-

ment and property, for costs or restoration of materials or goods related

to the product or the use of our products, for other damage or injury to

persons (including fatal injuries) or similar. The above exclusion of lia-

bility is limited by mandatory liability as prescribed by laws or jurispru-

dence. Liability for negligence is excluded in all cases.
No permission is given expressly, implicitly or otherwise for the use of

patents, brands or other copyrights. We also assume no liability for copy-

right infringements or infringements of the rights of third parties arising

from the use of this product.
Neither compliance with this operating manual nor the conditions and

methods used during installation, operation, use and maintenance of the

product can be monitored by Fritsch GmbH. Improper execution of the

installation can result in property damage and thus endanger persons.

Therefore, we assume absolutely no responsibility or liability for loss,

damage or costs that result from errors at installation, improper opera-

tion or improper use or improper maintenance or are in any way con-

nected to these.

Exclusion of liability

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