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Safety information and use

2.1 Requirements for the user

This operating manual is intended for persons assigned with operating

and monitoring the Fritsch LABORETTE 27. The operating manual and

especially its safety instructions are to be observed by all persons

working on or with this device. In addition, the applicable rules and regu-

lations for accident prevention at the installation site are to be observed.

Always keep the operating manual at the installation site of the LABOR-

ETTE 27.
People with health problems or under the influence of medication,

drugs, alcohol or exhaustion must not operate this device.
The LABORETTE 27 may only be operated by authorised persons and

serviced or repaired by trained specialists. All commissioning, mainte-

nance and repair work may only be carried out by technically qualified

personnel. Qualified personnel are persons who, because of their educa-

tion, experience and training as well as their knowledge of relevant

standards, regulations, accident prevention guidelines and operating

conditions, are authorised by those responsible for the safety of the

machine to carry out the required work and are able to recognize and

avoid possible hazards as defined for skilled workers in IEC 364.
In order to prevent hazards to users, follow the instructions in this

Malfunctions that impair the safety of persons, the LABORETTE 27 or

other material property must be rectified immediately. The following

information serves both the personal safety of operating personnel as

well as the safety of the products described and any devices connected

to them: All maintenance and repair work may only be performed by

technically qualified personnel.
This operating manual is not a complete technical description. Only the

details required for operation and maintaining usability are described.
Fritsch has prepared and reviewed this operating manual with the

greatest care. However, no guarantee is made for its completeness or

Subject to technical modifications.

2.2 Scope of application

The LABORETTE 27 is a rotary cone sample divider for representative

division of samples in the laboratory. It divides bulk solids and particle

suspensions from the original amount filled into equal parts, whereby

each partial amount is representative of the entire collective.
Inorganic and organic samples are prepared for analysis, quality control

or material testing in such a way that after the analysis of a single shot,

reliable statements can be made about the physical and chemical prop-

erties of the entire collective.

Safety information and use

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