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Ascent® 7.5 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5 Release Notes

Kofax, Inc.


Multi-value Separator Option

The Multi-value separator option as specified on the General Settings tab, allows you to enter only

valid printable ASCII characters. This option cannot contain the following characters:


Carriage return




New line





The Ascent® 7.5 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5 allows you to enter additional

delimiters between the values to indicate blank or NULL values. For example:


The blank or NULL value will be converted to an empty string when released to FileNet Content

Manager. However, the following FileNet Content Manager data types do not accept empty












The document will be rejected and the batch will be routed to the Ascent Capture Quality Control



The Multi-value separator should not be part of your value. For example, if you specify

a period (.) as one of your values and you specify the period as the Multi-value separator, the

release script will assume the value is the separator. In addition, if you use the Multi-value

separator for a single-value property, the literal string will be used.

For more information about the Multi-value separator, refer to the Ascent® 7.5 Release Script for

FileNet Content Manager 4.5 Help (Help keyword: Multi-value separator).

Viewing Content Elements

In FileNet Content Manager, if you attempt to view the content elements of a released document,

you will only be able to directly view the first content element in the list. In order to view the

remaining content elements, you must open the properties of the released document and select the

Content Element tab. Then, double-click on any one of the content elements in the list to view.