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Ascent® 7.5 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5 Release Notes

Kofax, Inc.


Workaround: If this problem occurs, run Repair. Refer to Repairing the Release Script on page 20

for more information. Alternatively, you can re-register the release script in the Release Script


Document Title Property

You can use the Document Title property to specify a name for your released document. If the

Document Title property resolves to a NULL value, the release script will not use the FileNet

Content Manager Document Object ID to name the document. However, the Document Title

property appears as if it is used by the FileNet Content Manager Object ID in the FileNet Content

Manager Administrative Tools component. In the FileNet Content Manager Workplace Thin client

the Document Title property will display “undefined name.” (SPR 00010817)

Note that once the document is released, you cannot search for the document using the blank

name or the FileNet Content Manager Object ID.

Workaround: Specify a name for your released document.

Document and Folder Classes That Do Not Allow Instances

Document and Folder classes that do not allow instances are not displayed in the Ascent® 7.5

Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5. (SPR 00011903)

Revoking User Permissions to the Object Store

If the permissions to a particular FileNet Content Manager object store have been suddenly

revoked for the logged-in user and that user attempts to release a batch, the release will fail with

the following error message. (SPR 00012367)

The user <


> is not authorized to the <


> object store or the object

store has been removed or renamed. Please verify that you have the appropriate
permissions and the object store is available.

Workaround: Your system administrator will need to restore the access permissions to the

FileNet Content Manager object store for the logged-in user. Then, the user can unreject the
documents in error and re-release the batch. Once the batch is successfully released, the user’s

permissions can be revoked.

Removing Or Renaming Folders in the FileNet Content Manager Object Store

If a folder has been renamed or removed in your selected FileNet Content Manager object store,

you will not receive a warning when you open release setup. At release, the document will be

rejected and routed to the Ascent Capture Quality Control module. (SPR 00013301)

Workaround: Recreate the folder.

Unexpected Behavior With the Release Working Directory

When you specify a UNC path for the Release working directory on the General Settings tab and

that path does not exist, the FileNet Content Manager release script will give you the option to

create the directory. If you click “Yes” to create the directory, you will then receive a warning

message that the path is invalid and the Release working directory will not be created.

(SPR 00011417)