Releasing batches – Kofax Ascen 7.5 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5 User Manual

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Ascent® 7.5 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5 Release Notes

Kofax, Inc.


Releasing Batches

With the Ascent® 7.5 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5, the Ascent Capture Release

module will process batches based on the settings of the associated batch classes. The Release

module is responsible for releasing documents, as well as index data using the properties defined

during release setup.

The Ascent Capture Release module usually runs as an unattended module on a Windows

workstation, periodically polling the Release module for available batches. The Release module

may be configured to run during off-hours to avoid any impact to the throughput of Ascent

Capture and/or the network system. To start the Release module, select

Start | Programs | Ascent Capture | Release. All batches queued for release will be released after

initiation of the Release module.


Refer to your Ascent Capture Help for more information about configuring the Release

module (Ascent Capture Help keyword: Release module > about). You can display Ascent Capture

Help from the Help menu available from any Ascent Capture module. Alternatively, you can click

Start | Programs | Ascent Capture | Ascent Capture Help.

X To release a batch


Start the Ascent Capture Release module. The module’s main screen will display. Any

batches waiting to be released will be processed.


If the FileNet Content Manager Login Information dialog box displays, enter a

FileNet Content Manager user name, password, and site URL. Refer to Logging On to the

Release Script on page 21.


Once your batch is released, it will be removed from Ascent Capture. If any documents or

pages are rejected, the batch will be routed to the Ascent Capture Quality Control module.


When you want to exit the Release module, select Batch | Exit from the Release module’s

menu bar.