Documents released with unrecognized mime type, Empty folders may be created, Intermittent permission error – Kofax Ascen 7.5 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5 User Manual

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Ascent® 7.5 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 4.5 Release Notes


Kofax, Inc.

Workaround: Specify an existing UNC path for the Release working directory.

Documents Released with Unrecognized MIME Type

If you attempt to release a document with an unknown MIME type, the file extension is used as

the MIME type. This is not always accurate. To ensure that documents are released with the

correct MIME type, install the missing MIME-compliant application on your release workstation.

For example, to open an .XLS MIME type, install Microsoft Excel on the release workstation. Once

the applicable MIME types are registered on the release workstation, documents will be released

with the correct MIME type.

Empty Folders May Be Created

One or more empty folders may be created in the release destination if document release fails.

(SPR 00031814)

Intermittent Permission Error

When releasing batches continuously for a long period of time, some batches may fail to release

due to the user account temporarily losing permission to either create a folder or upload a

document. The failed batches will need to be unrejected in the Quality Control module and

released again. (IBM defect number ecmdb00742846, SPR 00032045)