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Ascent® 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g Release Notes

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already exists in Oracle Content Services, in which case the existing folder’s attributes are used).

During release setup, you can select an existing Oracle Content Services library or folder by name

within the Oracle Content Services containment hierarchy as the Release Root Location.

Settings and availability of the following items is based on the selected release root location library

or folder:








Record categories


Workflow parameters


Records management policies

The Release Root Location is used to determine which Oracle Content Services attributes and

parameters are available for linking with Ascent Values.

Multi-Value Fields

Fields that contain multiple values are released as a concatenated string.

Sharing Data Among Release Scripts

The Ascent Capture Release Script Information Interchange feature is useful when more than one

release script has been configured for a particular batch class and document class combination.

The sharing of information is accomplished by allowing the release scripts to pass information to

other release scripts. The Ascent Capture Value {Repository Document ID} is used to store and

retrieve the RepositoryDocumentID that will be used by the first invoked release script. Therefore,

the first release script that runs can set this value, and subsequent release scripts can read the same


Notice that when you are passing the RepositoryDocumentID information to a different release

script, the release script must exist within the same document class using multiple release. In
addition, the release script that is passing the RepositoryDocumentID information must be placed

first in the list on the Release Scripts dialog box. For example:

Ascent 7.0 Oracle Content Services 10g
Ascent Capture Text

Only the first release script can set the RepositoryDocumentID value. Subsequent release scripts

can only read this value.

Refer to your Ascent Capture Help for more information about configuring the

RepositoryDocumentID. You can display Ascent Capture Help from the Help menu available

from any Ascent Capture module. Alternatively, you can select Start | Programs | Ascent

Capture | Ascent Capture Help.

Multiple Document Naming

When multiple documents are spawned by the same document in Ascent Capture, the release

script will name them in such a way that an association between them is clear when viewing them

in Oracle Content Services--except for eDocuments when the option to retain the original filename