Known problems, Installing to mapped drives on windows xp, Canceling during release script uninstallation – Kofax Ascen 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g User Manual

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Ascent® 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g Release Notes


Kofax, Inc.

Ascent Capture | Release. All batches queued for release will be released after initiation of the

Release module.


Refer to your Ascent Capture Help for more information about configuring the Release

module (Ascent Capture Help keyword: Release module > about). You can display Ascent Capture

Help from the Help menu available from any Ascent Capture module. Alternatively, you can click

Start | Programs | Ascent Capture | Ascent Capture Help.

X To release a batch


Start the Ascent Capture Release module. The module’s main screen will display. Any

batches waiting to be released will be processed.


If the Oracle Content Services Login Information dialog box displays, enter your

user name and password, and click OK.


Once your batch is released, it will be removed from Ascent Capture. If any documents or

pages are rejected, the batch will be routed to the Ascent Capture Quality Control module.


When you want to exit the Release module, select Batch | Exit from the Release module’s

menu bar.

Known Problems

This section contains information about known problems with the Ascent 7.0 Release Script for

Oracle Content Services 10g.

Installing to Mapped Drives on Windows XP

If you are installing the Ascent 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g on a Windows

XP Professional workstation and you specify a mapped drive, you will receive the following error

message. (SPR 00024611)

Error 1904. Module <


> failed to register. HRESULT

2147467259. Contact your

support personnel.

Workaround: The error message is incorrect and can simply be ignored. Click Ignore and the

release script will successfully install and register the release script.

If you click Abort, the installation will end. If you click Retry, you will receive the error message


Canceling During Release Script Uninstallation

If you click Cancel while you are uninstalling the release script, all the release script original files

will remain properly installed on the system. However, depending on the point during the

uninstallation that Cancel is clicked, the release script may be un-registered. In such a case, once

you attempt to log on to the release script, login will fail.

Workaround: If this problem occurs, run Repair. Refer to Repairing the Release Script on page 15

for more information. Alternatively, you can re-register the release script in the Ascent Capture

Release Script Manager.