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Ascent® 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g Release Notes


Kofax, Inc.

Oracle Content Services Requirements

The Ascent 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g requires Oracle Collaboration Suite

Content Services 10g, version 10.1.2 or later.


This release script was tested using Oracle Content Services running under Redhat

Enterprise Linux 4.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements identified for Oracle Content Services are primarily based on performing

collaboration tasks and storing electronic documents. In comparison, using Oracle Content

Services for imaging involves much higher rates of incoming transactions, and larger file sizes.
Therefore, when using Oracle Content Services for imaging with Ascent Capture, the

recommended minimum hardware requirements are higher. Specifically, the minimum hardware

requirements for the Oracle Content Services10g server are as follows:


Two (2) Pentium 4 class processors in a dual processor configuration


3.6 Gbytes RAM

Increasing the number or instances of Ascent Release Servers may not increase overall transaction

rates unless additional CPU and memory resources are added to the Oracle Content Services

server. Using less than the recommended minimum requirements may result in performance

issues that actually reduce overall transaction rates.
Additional consideration should be given to the ability of the system to interact with users of

Oracle Content Services while Ascent Capture is concurrently releasing large number of new

documents. In such a scenario, consider using the Ascent Capture "timed release" feature so

documents are released at a time when the Oracle Content Services system is not heavily needed

by interactive users. Additional CPU and memory may be required if increased interaction ability

is needed.
Kofax strongly encourages you to consult with your Oracle account manager and/or the Oracle

Collaboration Suite Installation Guideline to determine the appropriate configuration for your



To ensure successful setup and release, the following permissions must be active in Oracle

Content Services:


To log in to Oracle Content Services using the release script, the user must have, at a

minimum, a valid login for Oracle Content Services.


To access a Release Root Location in release setup, the user must have, at a minimum,

Reader access to the Release Root Location.


To release a document or create a folder, the user must have, at a minimum, Author access

to the Release Root Location and to any subfolders created/selected by the release process.


In Oracle Content Services, some group permissions may not be overridden at lower levels

of the containment hierarchy.