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Ascent® 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g Release Notes

Kofax, Inc.


Workaround: When adding a subfolder definition, make sure that the allowed categories of the

release root location match those of any existing subfolders that may be selected by the definition.

Linked Attributes of Data Types “Long” May Fail Release

Linking an Oracle Content Services attribute that has a data type of “long” to an Ascent Value that

has a double field type longer than 15 digits may cause release to fail. This is because Ascent

Capture converts double field types to scientific format. (SPR_00023565)

Workaround: Use a double data type for the attribute.

Unchecking Categories with Linked Values

When you uncheck a category that has a linked value on the Document Settings tab, a warning

message (Figure 14) should display. However, if the mouse is moved so that the cursor is slightly

outside the check box boundary as you are unchecking, the box will appear unchecked but the

values will remain linked. (SPR 00023821)

Figure 14. Unchecking Category Warning Message

Workaround: If you see values remaining linked to an unchecked category, recheck the category

check box and then uncheck it, making sure you release the mouse button within the check box

boundaries. The message in Figure 14 should display for verification and the values will unlink.

Unavailable Categories Can Appear Selected

On the Document Settings tab, Categories that are not available are displayed in a grayed state

(indicating they are unavailable), and you should not be able to check an unavailable check box.

However, if you begin to make a check by clicking the mouse button in the check box boundary

but move the mouse slightly and release the button slightly outside the check box boundary, the

box will appear checked. This is a display issue only: you cannot link values to unavailable

categories. (SPR 00023342)

Workaround: Do not attempt to mark the check boxes of categories that are grayed.

Release Failure if Prompted Workflow Parameters are Not Linked

If prompted workflow parameters are not linked during release setup, no warning prompt is

displayed and release will fail. The message at release failure is similar to the following:

(SPR 23936)

A prompted workflow parameter is not linked. Please verify that all prompted workflow
parameters are linked and try again.

Workaround: Make sure all prompted workflow parameters are linked in release setup.