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Ascent® 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g Release Notes

Kofax, Inc.


Source Code

The source code for both the Ascent 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g and the

connector is provided on the Ascent 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g installation

CD. This section provides instructions for modification of the source code and deployment of the

new assemblies.

The Release Script

The project file that builds the main assembly OCSRel10_v7.dll for the main assembly is

\Oracle\CS10\Source\ReleaseScript\OCSRel10_v7.vbp. After modifying and building in Visual

Basic, copy the main assembly OCSRel10_v7.dll to the OCSRel10_v7 installation folder (for

example, C:\Program Files\Ascent\Cap\OCSRel10_v7).


In order to successfully modify and compile the release script, development must occur on a

workstation with the appropriate versions of Ascent Capture, CAPTools, and the Oracle Content

Services release script previously installed.

Refer to the documentation that came with your Oracle Content Services product and Visual

Studio documentation for assistance.

The Connector

The connector for this release script has two parts: a .Net assembly which uses the Oracle Web

services API to communicate with the Oracle Content Services server, and a COM wrapper

assembly which is used to expose functionality to COM applications such as the release script.


The .NET assembly project file that builds Kofax.OCSRel10_v7.dll is



The COM wrapper assembly project file that builds Kofax.OCSRel10_v7COM.dll is


The COM assembly must be registered with the Microsoft utility regasm.exe using the /codebase
option in order for COM applications to use it. The main assembly must be in the same folder as

the COM assembly.

If you build the connector in Visual Studio on a computer where the release script is installed,

Visual Studio will automatically register the COM assembly you build and unregister the one that

was installed by the release script installation program. To deploy the new assemblies on non-

development computers where the release script is installed you must follow the instructions


X To deploy new connector assemblies


Copy both connector assemblies (Kofax.OCSRel10_v7.dll and

Kofax.OCSRel10_v7COM.dll) to the <release script installation folder path>\NetAsm



Register the COM assembly with regasm.exe using the /codebase option. Run regasm.exe

when you deploy the new version of the assemblies to computers where no development

has been done, if you have changed the version of the COM assembly, or if you have

modified any part of the COM interface.