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Ascent® 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g Release Notes

Kofax, Inc.


Release Root Location Unavailable

If a release root location is deleted or the permissions to a particular Oracle Content Services root

release location have been suddenly revoked for the user who set up the release script and a batch

using the script is released, the release will fail with the following error message. The document

will be rejected and routed to the Ascent Capture Quality Control module.

The user <username> does not have sufficient permission(s) to release a document to the
release location <releaserootlocation>. Please verify that you have the appropriate

Your Oracle Content Services system administrator will need to restore the access permissions to

the user. Then, unreject the documents in error and re-release the batch. Once the batch is

successfully released, the user’s permissions can be revoked.

Removing and Restoring Attributes in Oracle Content Services

Ascent values are linked to Oracle Content Services attributes by the attribute’s ID, not the

attribute’s name. Therefore, if a linked attribute in the release script is deleted in Oracle Content

Services and then added back with the same name—which will now have a different ID—you will

not receive a warning when you open release setup. The link value will have been cleared from

the release setup, and all documents sent to release after the attribute deletion will be rejected and

routed to the Ascent Capture Quality Control module. (SPR 00023344)

Workaround: Adjust the release script by adding the newly added attributes and re-release the



Since the links use attribute IDs, attributes that are simply renamed will not cause release

failure and the new names will display when the release script release setup is refreshed.

Regional Locales Must Match

To avoid incorrect character display in Release Setup and other compatibility issues, your Ascent

Capture system and the Oracle Content Services system must use the same locale. (SPR 00024360)

Unsupported Parameters and Attributes

Workflows assigned to Upload Document event that have required parameters of type “Date” are

not supported. Also not supported are category attributes and workflow parameters of type

“User,” “Time Period,” or “Group.”(SPR 00024673)


Workflow date parameters may work when all Regional Settings are English (United

States), but they will not work in other languages. Therefore, it is recommend that a release root

location with a workflow that has a date parameter be used only if the date parameter is optional

and also is not linked in release setup. These restrictions should be observed carefully when there

is a chance that the release script will be deployed on a computer using a Regional Setting other

than English (United States).

Workaround: Do not select a release root location with unsupported attribute types.