Kofax Ascen 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g User Manual

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Ascent® 7.0 Release Script for Oracle Content Services 10g Release Notes


Kofax, Inc.

Unhelpful Message at Login for SSL Certificate Problems

When you log into release setup to an SSL-enabled Oracle Content Services site and there is a

problem with the certificate (the host name is incorrect, the certificate is expired, or the certificate

is not trusted), the error message you receive does not describe the situation. The actual message

that displays is shown below in Figure 15. (SPR 00025152 and SPR 25154)

Figure 15. Unhelpful Error Message Displayed for SSL Certificate Problems


The release script does not support SSL when it is enabled using the default Oracle Content

Services wallet, even if the certificate is imported into the list of trusted certificates. The CN

(common name) used to issue the certificate would prevent the user from logging in into the

release script.

Workaround: Have the Oracle Content Services administrator check for and correct any security

certificate problems.


One way to determine if there is a certificate problem is to attempt to log in to the Oracle

Content Services URL from a browser, using the same user name and password that caused the

message to display. You would be prompted if there was a problem with the certificate.