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Page 10: Installing kofax document exchange server

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide for WebLogic


Kofax, Inc.

system administrator verify that the VRS component has been installed with

the Kofax Document Exchange Server.


If PDF is selected as the format for a destination file, scanned documents will not be sent to

that destination. This setting also affects documents scanned from Kofax Document Scan

Server. These documents may appear in Kofax Document Exchange without pages and

preview images.

Workaround: Configure the VM as a dual virtual processor system. If the problem continues, set

the BIOS of the host computer to turn off hyperthreading.

Security Settings for Browsers

If a browser is set to the highest security setting, Kofax Administration Console and Kofax

Document Exchange may not work correctly. These applications depend on JavaScript, and they

must be able to communicate with the server. Therefore, make Kofax Administration Console,

Kofax Document Exchange, and their Help systems trusted sites and enable JavaScript and


Text Resizing in Browsers

Panels and scroll bars are not resized automatically when the text size changes. This can cause

enlarged text to appear outside the borders of a panel. It can affect automatic scrolling, such as

when you drag a document to the bottom of a Destination panel to scroll down the list of

destinations. To cause resizing, use the browser’s Refresh command so the panels and scroll bars

are resized to fit the text.

Installation Notes for 64-Bit Computers

If you are installing Kofax Document Exchange Server on a 64-bit computer, note the following

additional requirements.
Kofax Document Exchange Server supports the AMD64 instruction set and architecture on the

Windows operating system. Intel Itanium processors are not supported.

The C:\Program Files (x86) folder is still required for some components of Kofax Document

Exchange Server. To support these components, the Installer does the following:


Bonjour is installed in both C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86). A Bonjour

subfolder is created in each folder.


VRS is installed in C:\Program Files (x86).


All other files are installed in the installation path you specified.

Installing Kofax Document Exchange Server

This section provides the steps to install Document Exchange Server in a WebLogic cluster using

an Oracle database or an Oracle RAC. You will create an administration server, an optional proxy

server, and one or more managed servers. Follow the instructions in the exact order they are

presented. You must log on to each machine as a user with Administrator rights to install Kofax

Document Exchange Server

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