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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide for WebLogic


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In the Clusters group, select the check box of your cluster (for example, avalinCluster_1 as

shown in Figure 7) as the target and click Next. The Select Data Source Type screen



Select “XA Driver” and click Next. The Add Data Sources screen appears.

Figure 8. Add Data Sources Screen


Move all the nodes to the Chosen column and click Finish.


Under Change Center, click the Activate Changes button.


If Document Exchange Server was running on any managed server in the cluster during

these data source and multi data source changes, then stop and restart the managed

server. If Document Exchange Server was not running on a managed server, it should be


When you are done, create the non-XA data sources.

Create the Non-XA Data Sources

JMS messages need to be persistent, so you need to create a non-XA data source for each node in

the Oracle RAC and also a persistent store for each managed server in the Weblogic cluster so a

table will be added to the database to contain this information.

X To create the non-XA data sources


In the WebLogic Administration Console under Domain Structure, expand Services

expand JDBC, and select Data Sources. The Summary of JDBC Data Sources screen

(Figure 9) appears.

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