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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide for WebLogic


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Sharing the Configuration Files

There are many configuration files that are installed to the \conf folder in the root of the

WebLogic domain. The Kofax Document Exchange Server Administrator’s Guide has instructions on

how to use these files to customize your implementation. In a clustered environment, all managed

servers in the cluster should use the same configuration settings. The recommended way to

accomplish this is to maintain each managed server’s local \conf folder and manage the files

either manually or by using a centralized management tool.

Another alternative is to create a network share, place the configuration files in that share, and

specify the share location in a property in the file. When you create the share, the

final location in the path must be a folder named \conf. Then, modify the avalin.domain.conf.path

property in the file with a value of the full UNC path to the share, or UNC path

to clustered shared storage location.


If you use this method to share the configuration files and the network share fails, all

of the servers in the cluster will be affected.

Installing the Document Exchange Server Components

This section provides instructions for installing Kofax Document Exchange Server, related

components, and installation scripts. You will be running an installation program from the

installation media. Follow the instructions that apply to your planned implementation:


If you will be installing the administration server and a managed server on the same

machine, see

Installing on One Machine



If your administration server and managed servers are on separate machines, see


on Separate Machines (one or more managed servers)

Installing on One Machine


Insert the Kofax Document Exchange Server installation media into your drive.


Browse to the \setup folder, and run setupweblogic.exe.


Review the Kofax Document Exchange Server license agreement and select “I accept the

terms of the License Agreement” to continue with the installation. Click Next to continue.


You will be prompted to select features to install. Select all features (however, selecting to

install Documentation is optional) and click Next to continue.

Figure 2. Custom Installation Set: All Features Selected


Type the user name and password for the initial Kofax Document Exchange Server

administrator. Use this user account to log on to Kofax Administration Console for the

first time. The user name and password must meet the following rules:


User names must be unique on the server.

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