Configuring the file – Kofax Document Exchange Server 2.5 User Manual

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide for WebLogic

Kofax, Inc.


Figure 5. Custom Installation Set: OpenLDAP Unselected


On the Choose Installation Location screen, accept the default installation path, or choose

another location. Click Next to continue.


On the Pre-Installation Summary screen, review the installation parameters and click

Install to begin the installation.
Note the following while the Installer is running:


Do not close the Installer window until the installation is complete. Interrupting the

installation can leave the system in an unrecoverable state.


If you are installing on the 64-bit version of Windows, the installation of Bonjour is not

a silent installation. You will be prompted to complete the Bonjour installation screens.


A screen indicates when the installation is done. Click Done to close the Installer.

Configuring the File

You must modify some properties in the file before creating the Kofax Document

Exchange Server WebLogic Server domain.

Browse to the folder \AppServer\install where Kofax Document Exchange Server was installed,

and edit as directed in the following instructions. After you have finished

editing the file, copy to the same location (\AppServer\install) on every

machine in the cluster.


In all Document Exchange Server configuration and properties files, file paths should

always use forward-slashes.

There are two areas in this section where the properties in this file are described:


Mandatory Settings

You must set these for a successful installation. Note that not all of the properties in a set

are listed in this section, as some default values (such as WebLogic user name and domain

installation path) are used to make configuration easier. If you had changed such default

values, see the following section to see custom settings.


Optional Custom Settings

Specific settings you can use to customize your domain.

There are some properties in the file that are used for internal purposes only and should not be

altered. These include some properties with values and also some that should be left blank. Do not

alter any property unless directed to do so in the Mandatory or Optional Custom Settings sections.

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