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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide for WebLogic


Kofax, Inc.

Open Ports

Ports 80 and 8080 must be available for use by Kofax Document Exchange Server. If Internet

Information Services (IIS), a Web server, or another application uses these ports, reconfigure it to

use different ports. If IIS, a Web server, or an application cannot be reconfigured, disable or

uninstall it or install Kofax Document Exchange Server on another computer.

Some MFPs also need port 8888 open in the network connection between Kofax Document

Exchange Server and the device. Refer to the MFP administrator guide for information.

Client Requirements

This version of Kofax Document Exchange Server provides browser-based applications, Kofax

Document Exchange and Kofax Administration Console, which require the following:

Certified Web Browsers

Kofax Document Exchange Server requires a Web browser to run thin clients and view the Help.

The following browsers have been tested with Kofax Document Exchange Server:


Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0


Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and 2.0

Adobe Reader Requirement

To view PDF files on Kofax Document Exchange Server client workstations, you need the current

version of Adobe Reader.


For information on additional requirements if you want to scan directly from the Kofax

Document Exchange (using the feature called WebScan), see the Kofax Document Exchange Server

Administrator’s Guide.

General Installation Notes

This information applies to all installations of Kofax Document Exchange Server.

Network Configuration Requirements

Destination types and Kofax Document Scan Server devices need to be on the same network as

Kofax Document Exchange Server with routable addresses from the server.

Kofax Document Exchange Server uses the IP address of the first network connection listed in the

connection order. If there are multiple network cards in the server, you may need to change the

order of network connections so that the connection used by MFPs and destination types is first.

Refer to the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 documentation for instructions on changing the

connection order.

Installing on a Local Drive

Kofax Document Exchange Server must be installed on a local drive, which can be any drive letter.

Do not install Kofax Document Exchange Server on a network drive, including a mapped drive.

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