Negative ratios – elysia xpressor 500 User Manual

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Negative Ratios

Negative ratios – what exactly does this mean? To

get a better understanding of this function, it makes

sense to realize what the ratio control of a ‘normal’

compressor does:

1:1 The signal remains linear, there is no compression pro-

cess going on.

1:2 After crossing the threshold, an increase of 2 dB at the

input will be compressed to an increase of 1 dB at the


1:∞ After crossing the threshold, the output signal is con-

stantly held at the threshold level without reacting to

further increases at the input (limiter).

At a negative ratio, the characteristic curve bends and returns

back down after crossing the threshold. The louder the input

signal, the lower the output signal – perfect for groovy com-

pression effects.

To get a grip on the extreme ‘destruction’ this can cause, en-

gaging the Gain Reduction Limiter is just the right idea.

Standard compression ratio

Negative compression ratio

Output Level (dB)

Output Level (dB)

Input Level (dB)

Input Level (dB)