Compatibility, Installation – elysia xpressor 500 User Manual

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The xpressor 500 is a module to be installed into an API 500 se-

ries compatible rack frame (not included). It needs the power

supply and the audio connectors provided by this frame and

does not function stand alone.

The current consumption is 125 milliamperes at +/- 16 volts

DC. This is actually more than many other 500 series modules

consume as a result of the discrete class-A design of the xpres-

sor 500’s audio path.

Most API 500 compatible racks will meet this requirement

without problems, but there might be a limitation of how

many units can be installed in a single rack. In case of doubt

please check with the manufacturer of your specific rack.


Just follow these easy steps to install the xpressor 500 module:
1. Switch your API 500 series compatible rack off and discon-

nect the power cable from mains.

2. Insert the module into two free slots of your rack. Make sure

both PCB connectors match with the rack connectors.

3. Gently push the module in place - do not use any extensive

force here!

4. Tighten the front panel with four screws provided by your

rack manufacturer.

5. Connect your XLR audio cables (see page 6 for more info)

and apply power to your rack.

And this is already it. Have lots of fun with your xpressor 500!