Warm mode – elysia xpressor 500 User Manual

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Warm Mode

This function is basically a slew rate limiter that re-

duces the speed of the output amplifier stages. This

affects the frequency spectrum, the harmonics and

the transient response at the same time.

Fast transients are slowed down a bit and the overall sound

appears more round and merged. As this function influences

the behavior of the output stages, the effect it creates has an

impact on the complete processing results of the compressor.

This way the xpressor 500 offers two different sound char-

acters at the push of a button: the powerful transparency of

the discrete class-A circuitry and the saturated richness of the

Warm Mode.

Now the choice is really up to you: For transparent compres-

sion and an even frequency response, just use the xpressor

500 in standard mode. For a little bit more fat and juicy sound,

hit the Warm Mode button and you are there!

Added total harmonic distortion

Changed frequency response

Frequency (Hz)

Frequency (Hz)

THD+N (%)

Output Level (dB)