Precautions – elysia xpressor 500 User Manual

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CAUTION: Electricity

Make sure to operate your API 500 series compatible rack at

the specific mains voltage of your country.

Replace rack frame fuse with the same type and value only.

Your rack frame must be connected to ground.

Do not use a damaged power cord.

Never place containers with liquid on the rack.

Do not expose this device to rain or moisture.

Do not use this device near water.

Refer service to qualified service staff only.

CAUTION: Temperature

Surfaces of the device may become hot during operation.

Do not install this device near any heat source such as radia-

tors, stoves or other heat sources.

CAUTION: Connecting & Mounting

Never connect to the output of a power amplifier.

Do not apply extensive force when installing this device.

Use the device according to this manual only.

CAUTION: Humidity

If this device is moved from a cold place to a warm room,

condensation can occur inside the device. To avoid damag-

ing the unit please allow it to reach room temperature be-

fore switching it on.