elysia xpressor 500 User Manual

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Sidechain Filter (SCF): A tunable low cut filter in the side-

chain of the xpressor 500 avoids overcompression and pump-

ing when there is a lot of low end energy in the mix.

Gain Reduction Limiter (GRL): Restricts the control volt-

age. This innovative limiter is not placed in the audio path as

usual, but in the control circuit of the compressor. (p. 11)

Gain: The make-up gain of the xpressor 500. This control-

ler compensates for the loss in gain caused by the compres-

sion process.

Mix: The direct and the compressed signal can be blended

in any desired relation by simply turning the mix controller.

Onboard parallel compression!

Gain Reduction Meter: The display for the gain reduction

process. Shows the amount of compression measured in dB as

an visual support for the acoustic events.

GRL LED: indicates Gain Reduction Limiter activity. If this

LED is on, incoming signals will be held at the GR limit instead

of being compressed any further. (p. 11)

Auto Fast: A semi-automation. This function shortens the

attack time automatically on fast and loud signal impulses and

then returns to the value set with the controller. (p. 7)

Log Release (Log Rel): This alternative release curve fol-

lows a logarithmic course instead of the standard linear prog-

ress which results in a very gentle kind of compression. (p. 8)

Warm Mode: The xpressor 500 offers a second switchable

sound flavor by altering its frequency spectrum, harmonics

and transient response. (p. 9)

Hit It! Activates the xpressor 500 (LED on) or deactivates it

with a hardwire bypass (GR meter remains active).