Log release – elysia xpressor 500 User Manual

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Log Release

It is the time constants and especially the release pa-

rameter that decide if the processing of a compressor

is obvious or unobtrusive to the ear. As it is difficult to

achieve perfect results for all kinds of different material with

only one type of release curve, the xpressor 500 offers two dif-

ferent options to choose from: logarithmic and linear.

It is characteristic of a logarithmic release that the time con-

stant shortens when the amount of gain reduction increases.

The advantage of this behavior is that short and loud peaks

(e.g. drums) have a fast release time, while the remaining ma-

terial is processed with a slower release. Its smooth perfor-

mance makes the Log Release especially useful for mastering

and stereo buss compression.

The linear mode, however, has a straight release profile,

without the slower tapering release characteristic of the Log

mode. The linear mode is a good choice for more aggressive

dynamics control of dry signals, and it is especially useful

when you want to process signals which do not have a long

decay period.

Logarithmic release progress

Linear release progress

Time (s)

Time (s)

Output level (dB)

Output level (dB)