Auto fast – elysia xpressor 500 User Manual

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Auto Fast

The attack parameter is a crucial factor for the op-

eration of a compressor. Choosing the right time

setting is very important, but depending on the dy-

namic progress of the source material this is a difficult task –

no matter if single tracks or complete mixes are processed.

If a very short attack time is chosen, the compressor is able

to catch the short peaks, but on the other hand the sustain-

ing signal will also be processed, which might result in audible

distortion. Longer settings reduce distortion significantly, but

then the compressor is too slow for catching fast impulses.

This is where the Auto Fast function comes into play. If you set

a longer attack and engage the Auto Fast mode, the attack

time will be shortened automatically on fast and loud signal

impulses. The compressor reduces the signal quickly and pre-

vents it from slipping through.

Then the attack time directly and automatically returns to its

original setting. In Auto Fast mode the compressor can be

very fast, but only when it is really needed.

Attack phase without Auto Fast

Attack phase with Auto Fast

Time (s)

Time (s)

Output level (dB)

Output level (dB)