Pb3000 recirculation – I.C.E. 3 OSDs User Manual

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Spray Mode

1. Three-position damper is powered continuously. Lighting Contactors (by others) are always energized as long as

main disconnect is on and Booth Lights Switch is in “ON” position. Spray Gun Solenoid (by others) is energized
only in Spray Cycle.

2. System “ON” Push Button is pressed and released, energizing and supplies power to the Maxitrol Amplifier. Three

position damper motor opens the damper to 100% fresh air.

3. When three position damper motor end switch is engaged, the High Speed Exhaust (Spray) Fan Starter is energized

and closes the High Exhaust Fan Air Proving Switch.

4. Delay Exhaust Start Timer (Set to 4 seconds) is energized.
5. After 4 seconds the Supply Fan Motor Starter Coil is energized, Spray Cycle Light and Supply Fan Light are


Dry Mode
Note: A set of normally closed contacts from a fire alarm are placed in series with PLC Input No. 4 so that in the event
of a fire the Dry Cycle is shut down and the system reverts back to the Spray Cycle venting smoke to the outdoors
through the unit.
1. Dry Mode Push Button is pressed and released. Spray Cycle Light is de-energized and Spray Gun Solenoid (by

others) is de-energized. Burner is still active discharging at 75


2. Purge Cycle Timer (set to 180 seconds, adjustable from Operator Interface) is energized while simultaneously

energizing the Purge Cycle Light.

3. After 180 seconds, the Purge Cycle Light is de-energized. The Dry Timer (set to paint specifications, adjustable

from Operator Interface ) is energized which will energize the Spray/Dry Switch Over Timer (set to 10-20 seconds),
relay R1, and the Dry Cycle Light.

4. After 10-20 seconds, the contacts on the Maxitrol Amplifier switch to set point 2 (preheat).
5. When R1 relay is energized, the three position damper travels the damper to the mid-position. The damper motor

end switch de-energizes the High Speed Exhaust Fan Starter.

6. The High Exhaust Fan Air Proving Switch drops out, the Low Exhaust Speed Fan Air Proving Switch makes and the

Season Switch is disabled.

7. After 2 minutes the contacts on the Maxitrol Amplifier switch to set point 3 (drying).
8. Expiration of the paint specification dry time, Dry Cycle Light, Spray/Dry Switch Over Timer, and relay R1 are de-


9. The three position damper returns to 100% fresh air. Unit will remain on until the System “OFF” Push Button is

manually pressed and released.

Timer Settings
TD-1 Delay Exhaust Start Timer 4 Seconds (in PLC)
TD-2 Low Fire Delay Timer 20 Seconds (in unit panel)
TD-3 Purge Cycle Timer 180 Seconds (in PLC, Operator Programmable)
TD-5 Spray/Dry Switch Over Timer 10-20 Seconds (in PB3000 Panel)
TD-6 Dry Mode Preheat Timer 120 Seconds (in PLC)
Dry Timer set as per Paint Specifications (in PLC, Operator Programmable)

Limit Settings
High Limit Spray = 165

°F, High Limit Dry = 200°F

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