Maintenance, Routine maintenance – I.C.E. 3 OSDs User Manual

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Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the efficient operation and long life of this unit. This maintenance should be
performed by, or supervised by, qualified service personnel. A maintenance schedule should be prepared for the unit
based on its application and location.


1. Check for loose connections in the wiring.
2. Check the voltage at the unit while it is in operation.
3. Check motor amperage draws against rating plate values.
4. Inspect all contactors to ensure that they are clean and making good contact.
5. Check all fittings, valves and lines for leaks.
6. Check the burner; clean and adjust if necessary.
7. Check the flame sensor; clean if necessary.
8. Check the fuel supply pressure to the unit.
9. On gas fired units, check the manifold pressure.
10. Clean or replace air filters if necessary. Replace filters only with type equivalent to those supplied with the unit by

the factory.

11. Check all damper, linkages and damper actuators; adjust and tighten as required.
12. Check all belts; adjust or replace as necessary.
13. Check operation of all safety controls.


1. Perform the monthly maintenance recommended.
2. Inspect blower wheels and housing; clean if necessary.
3. Inspect all set screws on blower wheels and pulleys to ensure that they are secured to their respective shafts.
4. Check ignition spark and adjust gap if necessary.
5. Inspect and clean ignition electrodes.
6. Check flame supervisor relay.
7. Inspect all operating and safety controls; clean and replace if necessary.
8. Inspect the header box and secondary tubes through the access panels provided. Check for carbon deposits, soot,

scale, or rust; clean as required. Check condition of flue pipe.

9. Clean the primary combustion chamber.
10. Clean the burner.

NOTE: Refer to manufacturer literature provided for maintenance requirements of optional equipment.

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